For how long has Cameron Russel been a model?
1 year
10 years
8 years

What has she brought for the first time to a TED stage?
An outfit change
A book page
A piece of sage

Why does she feel privileged while presenting a TED talk?
Being able to meet so many people while giving a speech.
Being able to change what people think of her in a brief period of time.
Being able to dress up the way she likes at an event.

She mentions that image is powerful, but also...

How did she feel while taking her first photo with a man?

For her, being fearless means being...

The real reason for which she became a model is because she won...
a genetic lottery
a selected pottery
a protected battery

How many non-white models were counted in the industry in 2007?

How does she react when being asked by other girls if they can be models when they grow up?
She immediately gives a list of rules for becoming a model.
She rejects giving a piece of advice on this matter.
She draws their attention to many other carrer paths they could follow.

How does she describe her accumulated modelling knowledge?
The proper positioning of the body during a photo shoot.
The proper way to talk with a photographer during a shoot.
The proper manner to dress during a photo shoot.

How does underwear modelling affect career-building in other areas?
People become more interested in what you want to do.
People don't take your new career path seriously.
People are not interested in your past activities.

How did photo-retouching change the way she was perceived by the public?
It didn't show any difference between pictures and reality.
It built up a character totally different from the real person.
It showed aspects of her real life.

What's her opinion on getting things for free based on the way she looks?
She is accepting the free gifts with no remorse.
She is bringing positive arguments about being judged on looks.
She is pointing out the negative side of being judged on looks.