1. According to the professor, all of the following are examples of media EXCEPT
Television and radio
Publishing and games
Movies and cars

2. According to the professor psychographics
is a wildly popular and effective means of advertising
was invented in the United States in a show called "Mad Men"
is a type of detailed psychological profile of consumers that was invented in the 1960s

3. According to the professor, social media allows us to
lie about our age and connect to people with similar interests more easily
watch television without any of the commercials
escape the stress of everyday life

4. Using social media, people most easily can be grouped by

5. The professor predicts that the domination of social media by women will result in
Businesses spending more money to research and reach male consumers
Changes in assumptions about genres and preferences
An increase in the number of movies with female stars

6. According to the professor, studying a person's preferences regarding entertainment can
Explain why some people are more successful in business than others
Tell us a lot of information about their political beliefs and their health
Verify a person's level of education