1. According to the professor, body language is also known as
Interaction dialogue
The universal speech

2. According to the professor, body language can affect all of the following EXCEPT
Who is hired for a job
Your favorite song
Who is a good public speaker

3. The professor uses the example of voting for political office in order to
Demonstrate how people make big inferences based on body language even in a short amount of time
Explain that people unconsciously vote for those who are the same gender as the voter
Refute the claim that politicians have bad posture

4. All of the following are true about dominance and power EXCEPT
They are culturally specific, so you need to see someone in a culture produce the sign for pride in order to recognize it
The normal reaction to a sign of dominance is to respond by making yourself smaller
Taking up extra space is a sign of dominance and power that can be seen in both humans and animals

5. In the classroom, students who demonstrate power and dominance
Sit in the middle of the classroom, with their books and class materials spread out
Tend to participate less
Often have lower grades

6. According to the professor, power in the classroom is often related to
Social status

7. According to the professor, people who act powerful have
high levels of testosterone and low levels of cortisol
high levels of physiological and low levels of hormones
high levels of cortisol and low levels of dopamine