1. According to the professor, pain is
Often thought of as a symptom but it can in fact be its own disease
A phenomena that can be permanently cured using a glial vaccine
Something that is easily treated

2. Why does the professor mention a blow torch?
To explain that most pain is caused by fire
To help illustrate how the touch of a feather feels to a person with chronic pain
To verify that the human body can withstand a lot of pain

3. According to the lecture, dystonic is closest in meaning to

4. According to the professor, glial cells
Contribute to the positive feedback loop of chronic pain
Act like nerves, just holding things together
Are brown during pain and white when pain is absent

5. All of the following are functions of the glial cells EXCEPT
Modulation of pain
Amplification of pain
Storage centers for muscle memory

6. Why does the professor discuss how a house is wired?
To argue that most accidents happen in the house
To remind students that experiments need light in order to be conducted
To help explain how the body responds to certain input

7. All of the following are methods currently used to treat chronic pain EXCEPT
Using local anasthetic
Using physical and occupational therapy to re-train the body
Using surgery to re-wire the nervous system

8. The professor hopes that soon
New surgeries for chronic pain relief will be less invasive
Stricter rules will be enforced in sports so dancers like Chandler will not be injured as often
Medications that treat the pain like a disease will be more useful than those that just treat pain like a symptom