1. What is the lecture mainly about?
The difference between simple organisms and complex organisms
How certain beings and chemicals challenge the definitions of living and non-living
The effects of aging on cells

2. According to the lecture, all of the following are necessary characteristics for being a living organism EXCEPT
Having a body
Having a heartbeat
Having a metabolism

3. All of the following can be used in a lab to make the body of the artificial organism EXCEPT

4. According to the lecture, some models of protocells
Can move
Have a brain
React violently when they contact water

5. The word "hybrid" in the lecture is closest in meaning to
A mixture, in this case, of two fused protocells
Artificial, in this case, meaning chemicals
A dangerous reaction, in this case, an explosion

6. Creating protocells can help scientists better understand all of the following EXCEPT
How to clone animals
The origins of life on Earth
Identify "weird" forms of life that scientists might encounter on another planet