1. What is the lecture mainly about?
Finding a way to stop black holes from forming
Proving that a supermassive black hole exists within our galaxy
Explaining what would happen if the sun became a black hole

2. According to the lecturer, why can't we see a black hole?
Black holes have such intense gravitational pull that even light cannot escape
Black holes are too far away from Earth to be seen even with the most powerful telescrope
Black holes are so small that they are invisible

3. Which of the following is NOT one of the three characteristics used to describe a black hole
The mass
The spin
The color

4. According to the lecture,
Any object that is condensed to its Schwarszchild radius can become a black hole
Only planets can become black holes
Any object in the sky can become a black hole

5. The Schwarzschild radius is useful because it provides all of the following information EXCEPT
Allows scientists to predict when a black hole will occur
Allows scientists to understand what is necessary for proof that a black hole exists
Allows scientists to distinguish between the different types of galaxies

6. According to the lecture, a supermassive black hole
Is believed to form at the center of a galaxy
Is likely to form from a planet with a high ice content
Is unlikely to develop