Questions Transcript Notes


The baby jumped out of...
a table.
a bed.
a cot.

He was in a hurry, because
he wanted to drink his milk.
he wanted to try the new car.
he needed to pee.

The keys were
in his room.
in the hall.
on the floor.

The main door was
light brown inside, black outside.
black inside, light brown outside.
black both sides.

The new car was
big and black.
white, but small.
red and dark blue.

People in the street
were a little curious.
didn't notice the little boy.
were completely amazed.

The girl asked for a ride
to West Coast.
to school.
to East Coast.

To stop the car he
used his left foot.
his right arm.
his right foot.

When they arrived to the seaside
he went surfing with his new friend.
she went surfing with the boy.
he went surfing alone.