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What can't we do with 3Dprinting ?
Body parts

What is the name of the process that 3D printing is part of ?
Competitive manufacturing
Suppressive manufacturing
Additive manufacturing

How the material is added ?
Layer by layer

Comparated to standards means what's the cost of 3D printing ?
The cost is superior
The cost is equal
The cost is inferior

Who can use a 3D printer ?
Just engineers
3D printer specialists

What's the first step of 3D printing ?
Select the material
Design a 3D plan
Plug the printer

What website propose 3D models ?
I Want One Of Those

How is the plastic added to the MakerBot Replicator 2 ?
It falls
It's pushed
It's pulled

What's the exact process of creating a layer ?
It's melted, deposed and cooled
It's cooled, deposed and melted
It's cooled, melted and deposed

What's the most common material used in the 3D printing ?

Why using 3D printing for creating treats ?
Because it's complex
Because it tastes better
Because it's more healthy

What materials used by 3D printer ?
Just plastic
Flowers paste
A lot of things

What material use for creating body parts ?
Artificial cells
Patient cells
Real body parts

How much have cost the printing of ten houses in China ?
50 000 $
5 000 $
50 000 000 $