Questions Transcript Notes


What did the boy do to the girl?
He loved her.
He did something bad to her.
He argued with her.

What did she do to him?
She also did something bad to him.
She went home.
She used violence against him.

What did he want?
He wanted to study History.
He wanted to forget their problems.
He wanted to visit his grandparents.

How could they be together again?
They ran away from their homes.
They went on holidays.
They said sorry to each other.

What did he suggest they do?
He suggested forgetting their problems.
He suggested digging a hole in the garden.
He suggested breaking up.

What could not she forget?
He watched football all day.
He watched TV and paid no attention to her.
He cheated on her with another girl.

What's the last thing they did to save their love?
They forgot about the past.
They studied the Past Tense.
They remembered the past.