Questions Transcript Notes


The teacher doesn't know the poet can't read because she doesn't ___________.
notice him in the big class
try to teach reading
see him copy his friends' homework

The poet acts like the class clown because he ______.
loves getting attention from his friends
wants to hide that he can't read
thinks school is really boring

The school passes the poet to the next grade level because he ________.
tries so hard to do his schoolwork
has such a positive attitude
helps the school win basketball games

We can infer that the ghetto is a place that ________.
makes families strong
gives young people a good start in life
makes people want to leave

The poet gives reasons why he can't read. He thinks that ________.
no one can fix the problem
blaming people doesn't fix the problem
everyone is working together to fix the problem

The poet's family dreams that he will give them a better life by ___________.
becoming a pro basketball star
getting a college scholarship
graduating and working hard in a good job

When his knee snapped, the poet knew that ______.
his family would never love him again
he would never play sports again
his school would never allow him to graduate

When the poet was "running down the lane," he was _______.
running away from school
running in a back street
running across the basketball court

When the poet was injured, he hid his pain because he didn't want ______.
to show he was hurt
to disappoint his family
to look weak in front of his friends

When the poet asks, "What are my options?" he means ________.
"What choices or opportunities do I have?"
he knows what his choices are
he knows which option to choose