Questions Transcript Notes


What subject did Angela teach ?

Why did she leave her job?
Her job was not demanding
She did not like her job
She found another more demanding job

When I was 27 years old, _____________
I left a very demanding job in management consulting
I finished my university and started new life
I went to live in New York

Which students can learn her subject or material very well?
Everyone who works harder and long enough
Everyone who has high marks
Only smart and clever students

Why did she leave the classroom?
She was not able to grade equally
She went to graduate school to become a psychologist
She went to graduate school to become a manager

What was her question in every study?
Who is successful here and why?
Who is not successful here and why?
What makes people successful?

What is "grit?"
Passion and perseverance for very long-term goals
A way of learning math
Ability to understand difficcult or unfamiliar things

Whom did she ask to take grit questionnaires?
University students
High school seniors
High school juniors

What is the great idea for building "grit?"
Attend university
Run marathons
Growth mindset