Questions Transcript Notes


1. The boy __________ courage with recklessness
is confused

2. The boy ___________.
is not advanced.
doesn't advancing.

3. The father ______________ the boy.
is needed by

4. Which is the passive form?
The ship hits the asteroids
The ship is hit by the asteroids.
The asteroids hit the ship.

5. The father and son __________.
aren't hurt by the crash
hurt the crash
crash the hurt

6. The ship ___________.
is destroyed

7. Which choice is more likely?
The animals on earth can be easily killed.
The animals on earth can kill you easily.
The animals on earth can be petted.

8. The boy ____________.
attacks the animals first.
is attacked by animals first.
kills all of the animals.

9. The boy is in the jungle _____________.
chasing the monkeys
being chased by the monkeys
killing the monkeys

10. Choose the best answer.
The boy helps the father.
The father is helped by the boy.
The boy is helped by his father.