Angela's House Tour
Quiz by: rmd

Hi, I'm Angela. Welcome to my house. This is the front yard. There is a flower garden here. Aren't they pretty? Let's go inside. This is the dining room. There is a table and chairs. You can eat here. This is the kitchen. There is a sink, a refrigerator, and a stove. You can cook here. Let's go into the bedroom. This is the bedroom. There is a bed, a closet, and a desk. You can study here. This is the bathroom. There is a sink, a toilet, and a bathtub. You can take a shower here. Shower time! Let's go into the living room. This is the living room. There is a sofa, a fireplace, and a TV. You can watch TV here. Look! This is my dog, Sasha. Isn't she cute? Thanks for visiting me. Bye!
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