#11 Friends: Poker (Part 2)

Quiz by: rmd

Rachel: Can you believe what a jerk Ross was being?
Monica: Yeah, I know. He can get really competitive.
Phoebe: Ha. Ha, ha.
Monica: What?
Phoebe: Oh, hello, kettle? This is Monica. You're black.
Monica: Please! I am not as bad as Ross.
Rachel: Oh, I beg to differ. The Pictionary incident?
Monica: That was not an incident! I-I was gesturing, a-and the plate slipped out of my hand.
Rachel: Oooooh. Oh! I got an interview! I got an interview!
Monica: You're kidding! Where? Where?
Rachel: Sak's... Fifth... Avenue.
Monica: Oh, Rachel!
Phoebe: Oh, it's like the mother ship is calling you home.
Monica: Well, what's the job?
Rachel: Assistant buyer. Oh! I would be shopping... for a living!
Monica: OK, look. That is Aunt Iris. This woman has been playing poker since she was five. You gotta listen to every word she says. Hi!
Aunt Iris: Is Tony Randall dead?
Rachel: No.
Monica: I don't think so.
Rachel: Why?
Aunt Iris: Well, he may be now, because I think I hit him with my car.
Monica: What?
Rachel: Oh my God!
Monica: Really?
Aunt Iris: No! That's bluffing. Lesson number one. Let me tell you something... everything you hear at a poker game is pure crap. Nice earrings.
Phoebe: Thank y...
Aunt Iris: Girls, sit down.
Monica: Uh, Aunt Iris? This is Phoebe, and that's Rachel...
Aunt Iris: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, listen, I am parked at a meter. Let's do it.

Rachel: Guys! Guess what, guess what, guess what, guess what!
The interview! She loved me! She absolutely loved me. We talked for like two and a half hours, we have the same taste in clothes, and—oh, I went to camp with her cousin... And, oh, the job is perfect. I can do this. I can do this well!
All: That's great! That's wonderful!
Rachel: Oh God, oh, and then she told the funniest story...
Monica: OK, great. You'll tell us and we'll laugh. Let's play poker.
Joey: Alright now listen, you guys, we talked about it, and if you don't want to play, we completely understand.
Chandler: Oh yes, yes, we could play some other game... like, uh, I don't know... Pictionary?
Monica: Ha, ha, very funny, very funny. But I think we'd like to give poker another try. Shall we, ladies?
Phoebe and Rachel: Yes, we should. I think we should.
Ross: Uh, Rach, do you want me to shuffle those?
Rachel: No, no, thats OK. Y'know, I think I'm gonna give it a go.
Ross: Alright.
Rachel: Alright...

Ross: So, Phoebs owes $7.50, Monica, you owe $10, and Rachel, you owe fifteen big ones.
Joey: But hey, thanks for teachin' us Cross-Eyed Mary. You guys, we gotta play that at our regular game.
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