What does she look like?

Quiz by: Daisy2608

OFFICER: Yes, madam. Can I help you?
WOMAN: I'm looking for my daughter.
OFFICER: Your daughter? What's her name?
WOMAN: Anne. Anne Langley.
OFFICER: Anne Langley. How old is she?
WOMAN: She's 7.
OFFICER: What does she look like?
WOMAN: She's short, about three feet six inches. She's thin, and she's got long dark hair. She's
wearing an orange blouse and a green and white skirt, and a brown coat.
OFFICER: Is she carrying anything?
WOMAN: Yes, a small black bag and a parcel.
OFFICER: Hello? Yes. Oh? A little girl, yes. Oh. Short, thin, long dark hair. Oh, what's she wearing?
An orange blouse, green and white skirt and a brown coat. Yes. Is she carrying anything? A small
black bag and a parcel. Good. Yes. Yes. Thank you. Goodbye. Your daughter, mrs. Langley.
WOMAN: Oh, thank you.
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