Soil Review
Quiz by: lukaf86

Soil is not just dirt, it is an important
natural resource that provides the foundation
for life on earth.
Soil is made of rocks, decayed plants and
animals, air and water.
Soil comes from weathered rock that is broken
down and moved through erosion.
There are three levels of soil: topsoil,
subsoil and bedrock.
Humus gives soil nutrients and is part of the
Soil looks and feels different depending on its
There are three types of soil: sand, silt and
Sand has the largest rock particles and feels
Silt has medium sized particles and feels
Clay has the smallest particles and feels
Loam is a mixture of sand, silt, clay and humus
and is the best soil for growing plants.
Farmers grow plants in topsoil.
Soil holds roots in place and roots help with
soil erosion.
Worms make nutrient-rich castings.
They also create tunnels that allow air and
water to reach below the surface.
Soil is used in many ways, including making
homes for animals and people.
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