The Boy by Katrina Tamura
Quiz by: rmd

The Boy
By Katrina Tamura

There once was a boy. He loved to laugh and he had a beautiful smile.
There were a few occasions when he didn't smile.
For example, when he didn't get his way, he pouted.
On the rarest of occasions, he cried, and he needed help to smile again.
Playing with his puppy made him feel better.
Going in the backyard and yelling at the wind sometimes helped too.
Taking silly selfies with his mommy cheered him up.
Getting milkshakes with his sister made him super happy.
For the boy, nothing could be better than this.
He loved hanging out with his sister so much that he would smile until his cheeks hurt.
After a day of smiling he would fall asleep, content.
And he'd wake the next morning with a smile, ready to laugh and play again.
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