The Afghan Girl
Quiz by: elkvalleyenglish

Many of these photographs are famous and widely published, but one picture has become one of
the best known and loved around the world.
Steve McCurry was shooting in refugee camps along the afghanistan-pakistan border looking for an
image to tell the dramatic human story behind the headlines of war and horror.
I saw this one little girl off in the corner with this incredible look, this beautiful little girl, but she had
this sort of haunted look about her with these really beautiful eyes. And I just, I knew instantly that
this was going to be an amazing portrait. So I spent maybe two minutes with her, photographed her,
made 15 pictures I would say and then, uh, she got up thought the show was over and got up and
walked away.
The photograph of the girl with the amazing green eyes, known simply as the Afghan Girl, captured
hearts and minds around the world, but no one knew her name or what had happened to her.
In 2002 we went back and did an exhaustive search and we got so many false leads and so many
other refugees who were claiming to be her.
Finally there was one man that came forward and we'd almost forgotten about it when a couple days
later he comes back with, with her, with Sharbat Gula the the Afghan girl. And we were just thrilled
that she was still alive, that she was in fact healthy, had a family, was married and was living in a her
village back in Afghanistan.
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