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History of Thankgsiving

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Description: In 1621, Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared a harvest feast, acknowledged as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations.
High Intermediate
What happened in 1620?
What did the Pilgrims learn from the Natives?
_____________ in 1621.
At the first Thanksgiving, they enjoyed a main dish of:
To the Puritans Thanksgiving was mainly about:
The narrator mentions the Puritans practice of praying and fasting to give an example of:
What year did the Continental Congress declare that all 13 colonies must celebrate a day of Thanksgiving?
The Thanksgiving holiday was celebrated for many years:
Foe what reason did Sarah Josepha Hale want to establish a national day for Thanksgiving?
In 1863 who declared the first National Thanksgiving holiday?
Why did the Detroit Lions have a Thanksgiving Day football game?
Why did Macy's and other department stores have a Thanksgiving Day Parade?
Thanksgiving is about:
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