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VOA Let's Learn English - Lesson 25: Watch Out!

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Who was the first President of the United States?

Discussion Questions

    • 1. Who was the first President of the United States?
    • 2. Do you play video games on your phone?
    • 3. What app do you use the most often?

Watch the video and choose the correct answers.

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1. How does Anna give advice to Dan?
2. Why does Dan tell Anna to play the game?
3. How does Dan give advice to Anna?
4. What does Dan say about the game?
5. What does Anna say about the U.S. Presidents?
6. How many points did Dan get for finding the American flag?
7. How many letters did Thomas Jefferson write in his lifetime?
Anna: Hello from Washington, DC! This city has many monuments and memorials.
Today I am visiting the ones built in memory of our Presidents: Washington,
Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt.
I want to learn more about them.
Hey! Watch out!
Dan: Sorry! I didn’t see you.
Anna: You were not looking. You should be more careful.
Dan: I know I should be more careful. But this game is really fun.
Anna: What kind of game?
Dan: You have to find things that aren’t really there.
Anna: How can you find things that aren’t really there?
Dan: They’re in your phone. See?
Anna: I see. It’s like a scavenger hunt.
Dan: That’s right!
Anna: I don’t have time for games. I want to learn about U.S. presidents.
Dan: Then you should play this game! When you find an American symbol, you win
points and a Fun Fact about a U.S. President.
Anna: I have time for this game!
Dan: Here are the symbols that I caught: the Statue of Liberty for 20 points, Uncle
Sam for 40 points and the American flag for 60 points.
Anna: What symbol are you looking for now?
Dan: I am looking for the bald eagle. That is 100 points! It should be near the
Washington Monument.
Anna: This game is awesome.
Dan: You ought to buy the app right now. It’s called “Catch Americana.”
Anna: Got it. Catch Americana.
Anna: Thanks! Good luck!
Dan: Good luck to you too!
Anna: This is the Jefferson Memorial. I know that Thomas Jefferson signed the
Declaration of Independence! Now, where is that symbol?
Anna: Here it is! My first one. It’s an American flag! I won 60 points!
Anna: An American flag works well for Thomas Jefferson. I see lots of American
flags on Independence Day!
Where is my Jefferson Fun Fact?
Voice: In his lifetime, Thomas Jefferson wrote about 19,000 letters!
Anna: I did not know that. Where is the next symbol?
There are no notes for this quiz.

Listen again and complete the sentences below using words from the word bank.

Play Video: Keynote (Google I/O '18)
really       should be       100       Watch out       It’s       kind of       more careful       awesome       in       right       ought to buy       find       didn’t