Lesson 8: Are You Busy? | ESL Video

Lesson 8: Are You Busy?

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Description: VOA Let's Learn English: Anna wants to apologize to her co-workers. She learns what they do at the same time every day.
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1. What does Anna want to do?
2. What does Anne do every day at 10 o'clock?
3. If the light is on, what does that mean?
4. What time does Mr. Weaver want to see Anna?
5. Anna says, "phew!" What does "phew" mean?
Anna: Hello, everyone. Here I am at my new job! Yesterday at my first day of work …
Well, let’s not talk about yesterday. Today is a new day! Today I want to
apologize to my co-workers.
Anna: Hi, Anne. Are you busy?
Anne: Hi, Anna. Yes. At 10 a.m. I am writing. Every day I do my morning show. Sorry!
Anna: Okay. See you later, maybe.
Anne: Maybe I’ll see you later.
Anna: Hi, Jonathan. Are you busy?
Jonathan: Yes, I’m busy. When the studio light is on, I am recording my evening show.
Anna: Right. Sorry about yesterday.
Jonathan: No worries.
Anna: May I see the studio?
Jonathan: Um, maybe another time? Right now I am busy.
Anna: Sure. Okay, ’bye.
Jonathan: ‘Bye.
Anna: Hi, Amelia! Are you busy?
Amelia: I’m a little busy.
Anna: I want to say I’m sorry for yesterday.
Amelia: It’s okay, Anna.
Anna: Well, I am sorry.
Amelia: It’s okay, Anna. Come by this afternoon.
Anna: Okay.
Caty: Anna.
Anna: Yes, Ms. Weaver.
Caty: Are you busy?
Anna: Yes, Ms. Weaver. I am busy.
Caty: My office. 5:00 p.m.
Anna: 5:00 p.m.
Caty: Come in.
Anna: A party! Awesome! And I still have my job! Phew!* Until next time!
* Phew! is a sound used to show that you are relieved, tired or hot.
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Complete these sentences with the words in the box.
Surprise       I am busy       apologize       on       I am sorry       yesterday       another time       Every day       party       busy


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Let's Talk!

1.) What are you NOT doing right now?
2.) What are you doing right now?
3.) What is your busiest day of the week?

Learning to Navigate Workplace Etiquette: Lesson 8 Are You Busy?

Welcome to Lesson 8 of VOA Let's Learn English where Anna navigates the delicate art of apologizing to her co-workers. This video provides valuable insights into workplace communication and the importance of acknowledging mistakes. Join Anna on her journey to mend relationships and improve her work environment.

In this video, Anna learns the importance of communication and respect in the workplace. Viewers will gain vocabulary related to work environments, daily routines, and social interactions. This video is a great resource for ESL learners looking to enhance their workplace communication skills.

This video is suitable for ESL learners at a beginning level who want to improve their vocabulary and understanding of the Present Simple tense. It's ideal for classroom use as a discussion starter or for practicing workplace scenarios.



Present Simple


workplace communication


workplace etiquette

Discussion Questions

1.) What are you NOT doing right now?
2.) What are you doing right now?
3.) What is your busiest day of the week?