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Lesson 7 - What Are You Doing?

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Description: VOA Let's Learn English: Anna is starting her work at VOA News. She goes around the office meeting her co-workers. She learns they are all busy.
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1. What does Anna start today?
2. How does Anna feel?
3. What is Anne doing?
4. What is Jonathan doing?
5. What is Amelia doing?
6. Is Anna bothering people?
Caty: Come in.
Caty: Well, Anna, welcome.
Anna: Thank you.
Caty: I am your boss, Caty Weaver. But, please call me Caty.
Anna: Thank you, Ms. Weaver.
Caty: Just Caty.
Anna: Sure thing, Ms. Weaver.
Caty: Okay then. Are you excited?
Anna: Yes, I am excited!
Caty: So sorry, but I am busy. Please meet your co-workers. But remember, they are
busy working.
Anna: Sure. Thanks, Ms. Weaver.
Anna: Hi there! I’m Anna.
Anne: Hi, Anna. I’m Anne.
Anna: Nice to meet you. What are you doing?
Anne: Um, I’m writing.
Anna: You are writing! You are writing a lot!
Anna: Oh! Oh dear.
Anne: No! No! That’s okay.
Anna: I am sorry!
Anne: That’s okay. Really.
Anna: I am sorry!
Anne: Please. Please. Please stop. Please.
Anna: Sorry. Sorry.
Jonathan: “and people all around the world are waiting to hear news about the next
Anna: Jonathan, hi! Remember me? I live in your building.
Jonathan: Oh. Uh. Hi, Anna.
Anna: What are you doing?
Jonathan: I am doing my show!
Anna: Oh, sorry. Are you recording?
Jonathan: Yes! And, now I have to record again!
Anna: Sorry. Have a good show.
Jonathan: Thank you.
Anna: Sorry.
Amelia: The word of the day is social. Social -
Anna: Oh! Hi!
Amelia: - is an adjective.
Anna: Hi! I’m Anna!
Amelia: Hi. I’m Amelia.
Anna: Nice to meet you!
Anna: What are you doing?
Amelia: I’m reading.
Anna: Are you reading the news? Hi!
Amelia: No, I’m reading for my show. (to camera person) Can I read again?
Anna: Sorry.
Anna: This day is not going well.
Caty: Anna! Hi! What’re you doing?
Anna: I am bothering people, Ms. Weaver.
Caty: Let’s go to my office and talk.
Anna: I like to talk with you, Ms. Weaver.
Caty: It’s Caty.
Anna: Right. Thanks…. Ms. Weaver.
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Complete these sentences with the words in the box.
I’m writing       are you doing       office       I am sorry       I live       busy       people       again       I’m reading       excited       boss       social


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Let's Talk!

1.) What are you doing right now?
2.) Do you work?

Anna's First Day at VOA News: A Lesson in Workplace Etiquette

Join Anna on her first day at VOA News as she navigates meeting her new co-workers and learning the ropes of the office. This video provides a great opportunity for ESL learners to practice workplace vocabulary and understand the importance of professionalism.

In this video, Anna interacts with her boss and colleagues, showcasing common workplace interactions and greetings. Students can learn essential vocabulary related to office settings and practice using the Present Continuous tense.

This video is ideal for beginning ESL learners who want to improve their workplace communication skills. It can be used in the classroom for discussions on workplace etiquette and greetings.



Present Progressive


workplace etiquette


office vocabulary

present continuous

Discussion Questions

1.) What are you doing right now?
2.) Do you work?