Lesson 3: I'm Here! | ESL Video

Lesson 3: I'm Here!

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Description: VOA Let's Learn English: Anna makes a few phone calls and cooks dinner.
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1.) Who does Anna live with?
2.) What does Anna want to do?
3.) What is Marsha's phone number?
4.) What is the wrong number?
5.) Where is the supermarket located?
6.) Is the supermarket far away?
Anna: I am in my new apartment! Great! I live with Marsha. We’re roommates. I want
to cook dinner. Hum. Is there a supermarket near here? Marsha knows.
Marsha’s work number is 555-8986.
Man: Hello.
Anna: Hello. Is this Marsha? It is Anna.
Man: I am sorry. You have the wrong number.
Anna: Oh. Is this 555-8986?
Man: No. This is 555-8689.
Anna: Oh. Excuse me!
Man: Okay. ‘Bye.
Anna: One more time. 555-8986. Please be Marsha.
Marsha: Hello. This is Marsha.
Anna: Yes, Marsha. I want to cook dinner.
Marsha: Excuse me? Anna? Is that you?
Anna: Oh, yes. I am here!
Marsha: Good. You are there.
Anna: I want to find a supermarket.
Marsha: Oh, okay. The supermarket is at 1500 Irving Street. It is near the apartment.
Anna: Great! Goodbye!
Marsha: Goodbye, Anna.
Anna: There is a big supermarket on my street. And Marsha says I am a good cook!
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Complete these sentences with the words in the box.
near       to cook       a big supermarket       8689       to find       wrong       with       Marsha’s


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Let's Talk!

1.) Who do you live with?
2.) Is there a supermarket near your house?
3.) Do you enjoy cooking? What is your favorite dish to cook?

Anna's New Apartment: A Cooking Adventure

Join Anna in her new apartment as she navigates cooking dinner and making phone calls to find a supermarket. This ESL video is perfect for learners looking to improve their vocabulary and conversational skills.

In this video, Anna interacts with her roommate Marsha and learns how to locate a supermarket nearby. You'll pick up essential vocabulary related to cooking, apartment living, and making phone calls.

This video is ideal for beginning ESL learners interested in everyday conversations and household topics. Use it in the classroom for speaking practice or as a warm-up activity.



Present Simple


grocery shopping


everyday conversations

Discussion Questions

1.) Who do you live with?
2.) Is there a supermarket near your house?
3.) Do you enjoy cooking? What is your favorite dish to cook?