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Tombi the Cat Adopts a Third Grade Classroom

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How do you think Tombi's presence in the classroom affected the school community?

Discussion Questions

    • 1. How do you think Tombi's presence in the classroom affected the school community?
    • 2. Would you like to have a friendly cat like Tombi in your workplace or school?

Watch the video and choose the correct answers.

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1. In what country does this story take place?
2. What did the cat do when he first appeared in the school's garden?
3. What did the cat decide he really wanted to do a couple of weeks later?
4. What did the students and their teacher quickly do when the cat entered the third grade classroom?
5. What did Mrs. Ivaşcu say about the cat's presence in the classroom?
6. What did the students do for the cat every morning?
7. Why did Tombi stop coming to class?
8. Did Tombi like his new home?
9. How did the students express their sadness when the cat had to leave?
10. Who eventually moved abroad with the cat?
11. Jenn says that the parent who originally filed the complaint ______________.
12. How long did Tombi stay with the third graders?
13. What happened when Mrs. Ivaşcu moved abroad?
A cat in Turkey adopted a third-grade class when he showed up for school one day and decided not to leave. When the cat first appeared in the school's garden, he started following students around, asking for attention. A couple of weeks later, he decided he really wanted to hit the books and let himself into the third-grade classroom. The students and their teacher quickly fell in love with the cat and named him Tombi.

Mrs. Ivaşcu said that instead of being a distraction, Tombi made the students more excited to be in class, which actually helped their focus. The students fed him every morning, giving them more motivation to come to school on time, as well as a shared responsibility that brought them all closer.

But one day, it seemed that the fun would have to come to an end. A parent filed a complaint about Tombi being in the classroom, and school officials told Mrs. Ivaşcu that he would have to find somewhere else to live. A home was found for Tombi, but he was stressed and unhappy there. Tombi's students were sad too, sending him handmade cards to let him know how much they missed him.

Students, parents, and even media outlets rallied around Tombi, trying to urge school officials to allow him back into his classroom. Seeing the negative effect that his absence was having, even the parent who originally filed the complaint had a change of heart. So, the decision was reversed, and Tombi was reunited with his third-grade class.

Tombi then stuck around for several years, getting to know dozens of new third graders and enriching their education. Eventually, Mrs. Ivaşcu moved abroad, bringing Tombi with her, providing him with a safe and quiet home for his later years.

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Listen again and complete the sentences below using words from the word bank.

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him       let himself into       attention       reunited       filed       focus       media       stuck around       negative       showed up       motivation       stressed       positive       safe and quiet