VOA Let's Learn English - Lesson 19: When Do I Start? | ESL Video

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VOA Let's Learn English - Lesson 19: When Do I Start?

🤖 Let's Talk!

Are you good at talking with people?

Discussion Questions

    • 1. Are you good at talking with people?
    • 2. Are you good at being silly?
    • 3. What are you good at?

Watch the video and choose the correct answers.

Play Video: Keynote (Google I/O '18)
1. Where does Anna live?
2. How does Anna usually get to work?
3. Why is Anna walking to work?
4. Who does Anna call to say she will be late?
5. Who has news for Anna?
6. What is the bad news for Anna?
7. Is Anna being fired?
8. What is Anna good at?
9.) What type of show does Anna get assigned to?
10. What ideas does Anna have for the children’s show?
11. What is Anna's message at the end of the video?
Anna: Hi there! Summer in Washington, D.C. is hot and sunny. I always ride the
Metro to work. Riding the Metro is cool and fast. But today it’s closed. So, I
am walking to work.
(On the phone) Ms. Weaver, I am late this morning. The Metro is closed. So, I am walking to work.
Caty: That’s too bad. It’s really hot today.
Anna: Yes it is.
Caty: When you arrive, please come to my office. I have important news to tell you.
Anna: Of course. Good-bye. My boss has news for me. The question is: Is it good news or bad news?
(At work)
Anna: Hello, Ms. Weaver.
Caty: Anna, I have good news and I have bad news. Which do you want to hear first?
Anna: The good news. No ... okay, the bad news.
Caty: The bad news is you are not good at reading the news.
Anna: Oh. I am very sorry to hear that.
Caty: So, starting next month you will not read the news.
Anna: Next month is July. You are firing me in July.
Caty: No. I am not firing you in July ... or in August or in September. That is the good news.
Anna: Okay. You are not firing me. I am not reading the news. What will I be doing?
Caty: Well, you are good at asking questions. You are good at talking to people. You are good at showing your feelings. And you are great at being silly.
Anna: Thank you, Ms. Weaver. But what does all that mean?
Caty: I have a new assignment for you! Your skills are perfect for a new show ... a children’s show.
Anna: A children’s show ... That is awesome! When do I start?
Caty: You start next month. Start thinking of ideas for the show.
Anna: I have tons of ideas! I can show children what it’s like in outer space ...
Caty: Great ...
Anna: ... or in the deep, dark ocean ...
Caty: Those are great ideas, Anna. Please go think of more ... at your desk.
Anna: Yes. What other things can I show them? Mt. Everest! Everyone has different skills.
You have skills. I have skills. The important thing is to know what you are good at. Until next time!
VOA: Lesson 19: When Do I Start?

Listen again and complete the sentences below using words from the word bank.

Play Video: Keynote (Google I/O '18)
assignment       too bad       are good at       at your desk       skills       silly       first       awesome       thinking of ideas       come to my office       it’s closed       mean       not good at