17. Are you free on Friday? VOA Leaning English | ESL Video

17. Are you free on Friday? VOA Leaning English

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Description: Anna tries to plan to see a movie with a friend. But they are both very busy. Will they find a time to get together? What will they do?
Low Intermediate
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1. Do Anna and Marsha have a lot of free time?
2. When is Anna busy tap dancing?
3. What does Anna do with her family on Friday nights?
4. What is Anna's favorite board game?
5. What is Marsha's favorite board game?
6. When does Marsha plan to jog in the park?
7. What will Anna do this Wednesday night?
8. When does Marsha usually do her errands?
9. What movie does Anna want to watch on Saturday afternoon?
10. What is important according to the speaker?
Anna: This city is very interesting, I really like my job, and I have some good friends!
Speaking of friends … I see one now! Marsha! Hi!
Marsha: Hi, Anna. What’s going on?
Anna: Not much. How about you?
Marsha: Busy as usual. Hey, do you wanna see a movie with me?
Anna: Sure! I never have time to see a movie. When?
Marsha: Are you busy this Thursday at 6pm?
Anna: Let’s see …. I’m busy. I am going to tap dance with my friends Thursday night.
Marsha: Tap dancing? That sounds fun!
Anna: I’m still learning. But it is fun!
Anna: Are you busy on Friday night?
Marsha: Yes. Friday nights are when I visit my parents.
Anna: What do you and your family do together?
Marsha: We always eat dinner together and sometimes we play board games.
Anna: Playing board games is fun, too! The word game Scrabble is my favorite.
Marsha: I like Connect Four!
Anna: I’m not busy Monday night. Are you?
Marsha: I am busy on Monday night. I’m going to jog in the park with my friend. Do you
Anna: Oh! I always jog. Well, sometimes I jog. Okay, I never jog. But I will try because
it is good for you.
Marsha: I always feel great after I jog.
Marsha: How about on Wednesday night?
Anna: Wednesday night I am not busy. Oh, no, wait. This Wednesday night I will
be busy.
Marsha: What are you doing?
Anna: I’m going to teach children how to play the ukulele.
Anna: Now, children, play “C.” Good. I like your “C.”
Marsha: The world does need more ukulele players.
Anna: Marsha, it looks like we’ll never have time to see a movie.
Anna: Wait a minute. Are you busy now?
Marsha: It’s Saturday afternoon. This is always when I do my errands.
Anna: Okay, but the new Star Wars movie is gonna start in 30 minutes.
Marsha: I’ll do my errands on Sunday. Let’s go!
Anna: Most days of the week, people are really busy. But it’s important to find
time to be with your friends!
Anna: Until next time!
VOA Lesson 17: Are You Free on Friday?


Complete these sentences with the words in the box.
Wait       always       I’ll do       sounds       are when       I’m not       jog       we’ll never       errands       really like       in       Until       busy       how to play       on       and your family       at       really busy


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Let's Talk!

1.) Do you have a lot of free time?
2.) What is your busiest day?
3.) What do you sometimes do on Friday nights?
4.) When do you usually run errands?

Finding Time for Friends: A Lesson in Balancing Busy Schedules

Join Anna and Marsha as they navigate their busy lives and attempt to find time for a movie night. This heartwarming video teaches us the importance of making time for friends and loved ones.

In this video, Anna and Marsha struggle to coordinate their schedules for a movie night. Learn vocabulary related to hobbies, activities, and scheduling while enjoying their humorous interactions.

This video is perfect for ESL learners who want to practice the Present Simple and Simple Future tenses, and learn about common leisure activities. Use it in the classroom to spark discussions about time management and the value of friendship.



Future Simple




leisure activities

time management

Discussion Questions

1.) Do you have a lot of free time?
2.) What is your busiest day?
3.) What do you sometimes do on Friday nights?
4.) When do you usually run errands?






tap dance

board games


connect four


Star Wars