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Calling 911 to Report an Emergency

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What is a 911 call?

Discussion Questions

    • 1. What is a 911 call?
    • 2. What information do you need to give when you call 911?
    • 3. Can you call 911 if you don’t speak English well?

Watch the video and choose the correct answers.

Play Video: Keynote (Google I/O '18)
1.) What's wrong with the man?
2.) Who does the woman call?
3.) What does she ask for?
4.) Where is she?
5.) What is the person's phone number?
6.) How old is the woman's father?
7.) Is the person conscious?
8.) Is the person breathing?
9.) When did the chest pain start?
Are you OK?
My chest.
Call 9-1-1.

Do you require Police, Fire, or Ambulance?
Where are you?
I’m at 523 Kent Street.
Please repeat your address.
I’m at 523 Kent Street.
What’s your phone number?
My number is 555-823-9187.
Please repeat your phone number.
It’s 555-823-9187.
Tell me what happened.
My dad.
His chest hurts.
How old is he?
Um. 65, I think.
Is he conscious?
I don’t understand.
Is he awake?
Is he breathing?
When did it start?
Just now.
Stay on the line.
The ambulance is on its way.
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Listen again and complete the sentences below using words from the word bank.

Play Video: Keynote (Google I/O '18)
did it       repeat       awake       hurts       ambulance       Is he       Dad       address