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My Favorite Object - Headphones

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Description: Put on your headphones and listen to Valia talk about one of her favorite objects.
Low Intermediate
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1.) What is Valia's favorite object?
2.) Why are headphones Valia's favorite object?
3.) What color are Valia's headphones?
4.) How do the headphones make the person feel?
5.) Where did she get the headphones?
6.) Do the headphones remind the person of a specific time or place?
Let's talk about a favorite object. I will ask you some questions. Are you ready? Yes, I'm ready. Great! So, what is your favorite object?

I think, uh, my favorite object is, um, headphones.

That's interesting. Why are headphones your favorite object? How do you use them?

Uh, I like Sal traveling and, uh, I don't want to feel, uh, lonely. So, I like to listen to music, podcasts, or so on. And for this reason, I use, uh, my headphones.

That's a great reason to have headphones as your favorite object. What do your headphones look like? Can you describe them?

Yeah, actually it is my first one so big, uh, headphones because before I had just small ones. And it is black, but honestly, I wanted pink. But, uh, there was no pink one in the shop when I bought it.

I see, so your headphones are black and big. How do your headphones make you feel when you use them?

Um, I can say that, uh, safe maybe because, um, I feel so comfortable anywhere where I could be, um, just with my headphones.

That's a great feeling to have. Is there a story behind your headphones? How did you get them?

Um, I don't have some special story, but, um, I got them from my grandmother. She gave me money for buying them. But actually, I could afford them myself. No, I don't know how to say it, but I could buy it. But she decided to give me the present like this.

That's a nice gift from your grandmother. Do your headphones remind you of a certain time or place?

Um, maybe they remind me of my first trip to Naples because it was the first time when I used them, and I felt so relaxed and great with them.
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Complete these sentences with the words in the box.
remind you       safe comfortable       look like       relaxed       story       pink       don't want to feel       headphones       interesting       use       grandmother


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Let's Talk!

1.) What is your favorite object and why?
2.) How do headphones make you feel when you use them?
3.) Do you have a special object that reminds you of a particular time or place?

Discover Valia's Favorite Object: Headphones

Join Valia as she shares her love for headphones in this engaging video. Learn about her reasons for choosing headphones as her favorite object and how they bring her comfort and relaxation.

Valia's story about her headphones offers valuable vocabulary related to technology, emotions, and personal experiences. This video is perfect for ESL learners looking to enhance their listening skills and expand their vocabulary.

This video is ideal for low-intermediate ESL students interested in discussing personal preferences, technology, and travel experiences. Use it in the classroom to spark conversations about favorite objects and the role they play in our lives.



Present Simple



favorite object



travel experiences

Discussion Questions

1.) What is your favorite object and why?
2.) How do headphones make you feel when you use them?
3.) Do you have a special object that reminds you of a particular time or place?