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Truffles's Favorite Glasses

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How do you think Truffles wearing glasses helps kids feel more confident about wearing theirs?

Discussion Questions

    • 1. How do you think Truffles wearing glasses helps kids feel more confident about wearing theirs?
    • 2. What do you think makes Truffles' color blindness glasses extra special to her?
    • 3. Do you think having a pet like Truffles in a children's optical shop is a good idea? Why or why not?

Watch the video and choose the correct answers.

Play Video: Keynote (Google I/O '18)
1.) Who adopted Truffles?
2.) What kind of shop does Danielle work at?
3.) How did Danielle initially fit Truffles for glasses?
4.) How did Truffles react to wearing glasses?
5.) How long does Truffles usually wear her glasses?
6.) What did Danielle do with Truffles when kids were trying on glasses?
7.) How did Truffles help the kids at the optical shop?
8.) What kind of glasses did Danielle create for Truffles?
9.) How does Truffles feel about her color blind glasses?
10.) Where can you see more from Truffles?
Truffles the cat, who wears glasses to help kids feel more confident wearing theirs, has one very special pair that she rarely wants to take off. In 2018, Truffles was adopted by Danielle, who works at a children's optical shop where Truffles became the newest employee. Initially, Danielle fitted Truffles for glasses as a fun little trick, using flexible frames designed for premature babies without any lenses in them. To her surprise, Truffles not only wore the glasses for a brief moment to earn a treat, she actually seemed to really enjoy wearing them. She even started standing near the glasses and waving Danielle over to put them on.

Danielle taught Truffles how to take the glasses off on her own and let Truffles decide how long she wanted to wear them, which is often for around an hour at a time. Danielle started bringing Truffles out anytime kids were trying on glasses to show them how to wear them. As you can imagine, this was a huge hit with all of the patients. It was obvious that Truffles not only put the kids at ease, she also helped their self-esteem about wearing glasses.

After a while, Danielle had the idea to create color blind glasses for Truffles, as cats have some color deficiency. When Truffles put on her color blind glasses, she absolutely did not want to take them off. She even moved away from anyone who came near and tried to grab them. Truffles still cycles through different pairs of glasses, but her color blindness glasses are extra special to her.

Truffles wins employee of the month every single month at A Child's Eyes in Pennsylvania. I'm Jen, and I post something positive every day. You can see more from Truffles on her account, which is tagged and in the caption.
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Listen again and complete the sentences below using words from the word bank.

Play Video: Keynote (Google I/O '18)
confident       employee.       flexible       brief       hit       obvious       create       cycles       employee