Job Interview: I Have Problems (ESL)

Quiz by: rmd
Description: This example of what NOT to do in a job interview uses common interview questions and English conversation.
Low Intermediate
Susan: Sarah? Hello, I'm Susan Thompson, Human Resource Manager here.
Sarah: Hi.
Susan: Have a seat. Uh, Sarah, tell me about yourself.
Sarah: Um, well, my baby doesn't sleep at night, and my dad's been really sick and he needs my help a lot.
Susan: I see. Um, did you bring a resume with you?
Sarah: No. I put everything on the application.
Susan: Okay, um I don't see any work experience here. What kind of work experience do you have?
Sarah: I haven't had a job.
Susan: Okay, do you have anyone who could give you a reference?
Sarah: Um… Hi. At 7. The party's at 7. Um, yeah, I'll bring the chips. Okay. Bye. What did you say?
Susan: I said do you have any references?
Sarah: What's a reference?
Susan: A person who can tell us whether or not you're a good worker.
Sarah: Mmm, no.
Susan: Okay, do you have any questions for me?
Sarah: Mmm, no.
Susan: Okay, um, why should I hire you, Sarah?
Sarah: Well, because I really need the money. I have a lot of problems and I really need a job.
Susan: I have a lot of problems, too, and I don't need any more. Nice to meet you.
Sarah: Can I have the job? How much does it pay?
Susan: Oh, I don't think you're the right person for the job. Good luck.
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Complete the sentences using the words below.
application work references yourself Manager resume hire problems person pay really