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My Daily Routine

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Description: Miko tells us about what she usually does on weekdays.
Low Intermediate
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1. Where does she live?
2. What time does she usually wake up?
3. What does she do before getting ready for school?
4. What time do her classes start?
5. What does she do after school?
6. What does she do after dinner?
Hi, my name is Miko. I’m a high school student in San Diego, California and here’s what I do on a typical weekday. In the morning I usually wake up at 7:30. I get up and feed the dogs. After that, I get ready for school. I wash my face, have some breakfast, brush my teeth, and get dressed. My online classes are from 8:30 to 3:30. After school, I exercise, do homework, and text with my friends. After dinner, I finish my homework and then watch some TV before going to bed. My days are never exactly the same, but that’s what I usually do on weekdays.
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Complete the sentences using the words below.
get usually ready weekday dressed from do finish never


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Let's Talk!

1.) What's your daily routine?

Explore Miko's Daily Routine: A Peek into a High School Student's Life

Join Miko as she shares her typical weekday routine in sunny San Diego, California. This video offers a glimpse into the life of a high school student and can help ESL learners expand their vocabulary related to daily activities.
Miko takes us through her morning and evening routine, providing essential vocabulary for describing daily activities. This video is perfect for English learners looking to improve their conversational skills and understanding of the Present Simple tense.

This video is ideal for low-intermediate ESL learners who want to enhance their vocabulary and practice using the Present Simple tense in context. It can be used in the classroom for discussions about daily routines or as a prompt for writing activities.



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Daily routine

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Discussion Questions

1.) What's your daily routine?


wake up






online classes

get dressed