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73 Questions With Alicia Keys | Vogue

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Description: Alicia Keys invites Vogue into her wonderful home and answers 73 rapid-fire questions.
High Intermediate
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1. On average how many hours of sleep does Alicia get each night?
2. Does she feel more creative in the morning or at night?
3. How does she describe her home?
4. Chopin is her favorite ______________.
5. How old was she when she wrote her first song?
6. (3:27) What was the biggest lesson Alicia learned from the women who raised her?
7. Where did Alicia grow up?
8. What does Alicia collect?
9. It's important to Alicia to _______________.
10. How does Alicia describe the music business in 2020?
11. What is her son's name?
12. What do they like to do as a family?
13. What's the most rewarding thing as a mother?
14. How does Alicia describe book writing?
15. What does Alicia want to teach to her kids?
16. Alicia's song, "If I Ain't Got You," ______________.
17. Alicia's music is __________________.

- [Alicia] Hey.
Hey. - Hey Alicia.
- What's up? - How are you?
- I'm good, how you feelin'?
- [Interviewer] I'm good, thanks so much for having me by
for 73 questions. - Absolutely.
I'm glad you could make it.
- [Interviewer] Okay, now I know how busy you are.
So let's get this thing done.
- All good.
- [Interviewer] So on average,
how many hours of sleep do you get, every single night?
- Think I'm gettin' about five hours a night.
- [Interviewer] And what's the first thing
on your mind every morning?
- When I wake up in the mornin'
I'm thinkin' about,
I'm usually thinking about how do I get time to meditate,
so that I can set my day off right.
- [Interviewer] Gotta start your day
with peace of mind, right?
Now do you feel most creative in the morning,
or at night?
- I feel really creative at night.
When it's quiet.
- [Interviewer] Alicia, let me tell you
how much I love your beautiful home.
- Thank you, I love it.
We love it. - It's gorgeous.
- We've been here maybe, five or six years.
And it's definitely feels so good.
- [Interviewer] And how would you describe your home?
- I describe it as a big ball of love vibes and loudness,
'cause there's always a lot of people here,
runnin' in and out.
We have a really good time here.
- [Interviewer] Do you have a favorite room in the house?
- I do.
But I'm not taking you there, yet.
Give me a second.
- [Interviewer] Obvious question, but is there a piano here?
- Not that room, but there's another one.
- [Interviewer] Can't wait to see it.
- Should we have some tea?
- [Interviewer] Oh.
- I love tea, I'm like a fanatic.
- [Interviewer] I think I'm okay.
Thank you thought.
Who is your favorite composer?
- I think my favorite composer is Chopin.
I love how soulful and like deep and dark it feels.
I'm a fan.
- [Interviewer] What do you listen for
when you listen to music?
- When I'm listenin' to music,
I'm listenin' for that, you know that energy
that just kind of rises the arms, the hair on your arms.
And it just makes you, you know that thing
that you're like [gasps]. - Yeah.
- That.
I'm lookin' for that. - It's a vibe.
- It's a vibe.
- [Interviewer] So what's the first album
that you've ever bought?
- The first album I ever bought,
was BBD--
Girl, I must warn you.
- [Interviewer] You are taking it way back.
- Okay, that one. - That's right.
- Okay that's kinda goin' back.
But that was my first one.
What do you want?
- [Interviewer] I read somewhere
that you were actually part of a girl group,
when you were 13? - Ouch, that was hot.
I was a part of a girl group. - Careful.
- I was part of a few, girl groups.
But the one that I think you're talking about,
was called--
- [Interviewer] That's right.
- E-M-B-I-S-H-U-N.
We were trying to be cute.
- [Interviewer] How old were you
when you wrote your first song?
- First song I was,
real good song I was 14.
First song, I was 11.
- [Interviewer] And what was it about?
- It was about my grandfather passing away.
And that was actually the beginning
of why I started writing, to like express.
It's called "I'm All Alone."
- [Interviewer] And you remember the lyrics?
- It was, I sit here, I was 11 so anyway.
I sit here all alone,
and I wonder what is wrong,
why are there so many death's, so many lost survivors?
- [Interviewer] Hmm, that's really beautiful.
- That's what I was thinkin' about.
- [Interviewer] Do you remember what your mother
was playing on the speakers when you were young?
- My mother played a lot of Bobby Caldwell.
And she loved--
What they won't do, do for love.
- [Interviewer] Yeah, Alicia, singin' to me.
I'm lovin' it.
And what's one thing your mom said
that left a lasting impression?
- She always said, you know the golden rule,
she was like "treat people how you wanna be treated."
And that, is always how I think about it.
- [Interviewer] What is the biggest lesson you learned
from the women who raised you?
- Biggest lesson I learned.
- [Interviewer] Yeah.
- The women that raised me really taught me
how to be bad asses.
Like, really strong, just, don't take any mess.
Say what you want, be direct, be clear.
Have to know, what you wanna say
and how you gonna say it.
And just, deliver it.
- [Interviewer] Yeah, that's powerful stuff.
And you grew up in Hell's Kitchen in the 90's.
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