Ryan and Miko order hamburgers at IN-N-OUT | ESL Video

Ryan and Miko order hamburgers at IN-N-OUT

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Description: Ordering fast food.
Low Intermediate
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1. Ryan and Miko are going to IN-N-OUT to buy ___________.
2. Miko orders ______________.
3. Does Miko want everything on her burger?
4. What does Ryan order?
5. What does Miko order to drink?
6. What does Ryan order to drink?
7. What kind of french fries does Miko get?
8. Do they want the burgers in a bag or a box?
9. How much does it cost?
Hi, Everyone!
So, Miko and I are going to IN-N-OUT. We're going to buy lunch.

Miko, what do you think you're going to get at IN-N-OUT?
A cheeseburger.
With everything on it?
With no tomatoes or onions.
How about a drink? What do you want for a drink?
You don't want a shake or anything?
Usually you get a chocolate shake, don't you?
OK. Well I'm probably going to get a shake.

Hi, how are you?
Good. How are you today?
Good. What can I get started for you?
Um, can I get a cheeseburger with no tomatoes or onions.
Cheeseburger, no tomato, with onion?
Without onion.
Without onion. OK.
And then animal fries.
One animal fries.
And then, water.
Alrighty. Anything else today?
Yes, can I get a double-double meal, a combo, but can I get a chocolate shake instead of a soda?
No problem. And would you like onions on the double-double?
Yes, please. And may I also get pickles.
Right on. Anything else today, sir?
That'll do it.
And are you going to be eating in the car?
(To Miko) Do you want to eat in the car?
Would you like it in a box, or would you like it in a bag?
And would you like an condiments on the side?
No, thank you.
Alrighty. So you have one cheeseburger, no tomato or onion. One double-double with onion and pickle. A total of two burgers. One fry. One animal fry. A chocolate shake and a water.
That's it.
Alright. It's going to be $16.86 at the first window please.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
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Complete the sentences using the words below.
drink cheeseburger get shake lunch everything with


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Let's Talk!

1.) What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
2.) What do you usually order?
3.) Do you prefer eating in the car or dining in at a restaurant? Why?

Ordering Fast Food at IN-N-OUT: A Fun ESL Video Quiz

Join Ryan and Miko as they order lunch at IN-N-OUT in this entertaining ESL video. Learn vocabulary related to fast food and practice listening skills.

This video showcases a typical fast food ordering experience, helping ESL learners expand their food-related vocabulary and improve their conversational skills.

This video is perfect for low-intermediate ESL learners who want to enhance their vocabulary and practice the Present Simple tense. Use it in the classroom for engaging discussions and vocabulary building activities.



Present Simple


fast food ordering

Discussion Questions

1.) What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
2.) What do you usually order?
3.) Do you prefer eating in the car or dining in at a restaurant? Why?