Miko, do you like fruit? | ESL Video

Miko, do you like fruit?

Quiz by: rmd    

Description: Miko tells us about the fruit she likes and doesn't like.
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1. Does Miko like pears?
2. Does Miko like mangoes?
3. Does Miko like oranges?
4. Does she like papaya?
5. Does Miko like grapes?
6. Does she like grapefruit?
7. Does she like lemons?
8. Does Miko like bananas?
Hi Miko!

Miko, do you like pears?
Yes, I like pears.

Do you like mangos?
Yes, I like mangos.

Miko, do you like oranges?
No, I don't like oranges.

Do you like papaya?
No, I don't like papaya.

Miko, do you like grapes?
Yes, I like grapes.

Do you like grapefruit?
No, I don't like grapefruit.

Do you like lemons?
Yes, I like lemons.

Do you like bananas?
No, I don't like bananas.

Miko likes pears.
Miko likes mangos.
Miko doesn't like oranges.
Miko doesn't like papaya.
Miko likes grapes.
Miko doesn't like grapefruit.
Miko likes lemons.
Miko doesn't like bananas.
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Complete the sentences using the words below.
like likes like likes doesn't doesn't likes likes