Shopping at Albertsons during coronavirus | ESL Video

Shopping at Albertsons during coronavirus

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Description: They didn't have....
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1. What did he want to make for dinner?
2. Did he have the ingredients to make dinner?
3. Where did he go shopping?
4. Did they have any lettuce?
5. Did they have any spinach?
6. Did they have any spaghetti?
7. Did they have any garlic?
8. Did they have any tomatoes?
9. Did they have any eggs?
10. Did they have any bread?
11. What did he make for dinner?
Yesterday I wanted to make some salad and spaghetti for dinner, but I didn't have the ingredients.
I went to Albertsons.
They didn't have any lettuce.
They didn't have any spinach.
They didn't have any spaghetti.
They didn't have any garlic.
They didn't have any tomatoes.
They had some eggs.
And they had some bread.
So I made eggs and toast for dinner.
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Complete the sentences using the words below.
have any some wanted went didn't had didn't made didn't