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They don't have any tomatoes

Quiz by: rmd    

Description: Ryan calls Kai and asks if he needs anything from Albertsons.
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1. Where is Ryan?
2. What does he ask Kai?
3. What does Kai want?
4. Do they have any tomatoes?
5. Do they have any lettuce?
6. Do they have any bread?
7. Do they have any eggs?
8. What will Kai make?
Hey, Kai.
Hey, I'm at Albertsons. Do you need anything?
Uh, yeah. Could you get some pasta?
No, they don't have any pasta.
Oh, OK. I'll make a salad then. Could you get some tomatoes?
No, they don't have any tomatoes.
Well, do they at least have any lettuce?
Nope. They don't have any lettuce.
Hmmm... Well, is there some bread?
They have bread.
OK. Are there some eggs?
Yes, they have eggs.
OK. Sounds good. I'll make an egg sandwich then.
An egg sandwich?
Oh, that sounds good. Make me one too!
I'll see you later.
See ya.
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Complete the sentences using the words below.
have are have need get don't salad do have don't is