#7 Friends: Phoebe's bank problem | ESL Video

#7 Friends: Phoebe's bank problem

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Description: Phoebe notices an error on her bank statement.
1. Why is Phoebe upset?
2. Now she has to _____________________.
3. Phoebe doesn't want to keep the money because __________.
4. What did the bank do?
5. Why does Rachel want to know what bank this is?
Rachel: (carrying a tray of drinks) Alright, don't tell me, don't tell me! (Starts handing them out.) Decaf cappucino for Joey.. Coffee black.. Latte.. And an iced tea. I'm getting pretty good at this!

All: Yeah. Yeah, excellent.

Rachel: Good for me!

(The gang swaps all the drinks for what they ordered as Phoebe enters. She sits down without saying hi.)

Joey: Y'okay, Phoebe?

Phoebe: Yeah- no- I'm just- it's, I haven't worked- It's my bank.

Monica: What did they do to you?

Phoebe: It's nothing, it's just- Okay. I'm going through my mail, and I open up their monthly, you know, STATEMENT-

Ross: Easy.

Phoebe: - and there's five hundred extra dollars in my account.

Chandler: Oh, Satan's minions at work again...

Phoebe: Yes, 'cause now I have to go down there, and deal with them.

Joey: What are you talking about? Keep it!

Phoebe: It's not mine, I didn't earn it, if I kept it, it would be like stealing.

Rachel: Yeah, but if you spent it, it would be like shopping!

Phoebe: Okay. Okay, let's say I bought a really great pair of shoes. Do you know what I'd hear, with every step I took? 'Not-mine. Not-mine. Not-mine.' And even if I was happy, okay, and, and skipping- 'Not-not-mine, not-not-mine, not-not-mine, not-not-mine'...

Monica: We're with you. We got it.

(Phoebe enters, walks to the couch, sits down, and begins to read a letter without saying hi.)

Ross: Hey, Pheebs.

Phoebe: 'Dear Ms. Buffay. Thank you for calling attention to our error. We have credited your account with five hundred dollars. We're sorry for the inconvenience, and hope you'll accept this- (Searches in her purse) -football phone as our free gift.' Do you believe this?! Now I have a thousand dollars, and a football phone!

Rachel: What bank is this?
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Complete the sentences using the words below.
football extra coffee stealing excellent shoes error


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Let's Talk!

1.) Do you think Phoebe did the right thing by returning the extra money to the bank?
2.) What would you do if you found $500 on the street?

Phoebe's Bank Dilemma: A Lesson in Honesty

Join Phoebe and her friends in a hilarious episode where Phoebe discovers an error in her bank account. This video is a great way for ESL learners to practice vocabulary related to banking and ethics.

Learn new words like 'account', 'statement', and 'credit' while exploring the importance of honesty and integrity in financial matters.

This video is perfect for ESL students at an intermediate level who want to improve their listening skills and expand their vocabulary. Use it in the classroom for engaging discussions about ethics and personal responsibility.



Present Simple


bank error


financial vocabulary


Discussion Questions

1.) Do you think Phoebe did the right thing by returning the extra money to the bank?
2.) What would you do if you found $500 on the street?