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1 - Jumanji 2: Welcome to the Jungle

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Watch the video and choose the correct answers.

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1. Who is Spencer?
2. Who is Martha?
3. Who is Bethany?
4. Who is Fridge?
5. What happened?
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) - Choose Your Character Scene

SPENCER: Guys? Guys? Why do I sound like this? Where's my hair? [GASPS] What the...? [BIRD SCREECHES] Oh, God!
FRIDGE: [GASPS] Ow, unh. [GRUNTING] Huh? Oh... What kind of stupid-ass...? Who are you?
SPENCER: Who are you?
FRIDGE: Who is she?
MARTHA: Who are you guys? Huh?
FRIDGE: Okay, what the hell?
BETHANY: Ahhhh! Oh, my God! I am totally suing... What's wrong with my voice?
FRIDGE: Get off of me!
BETHANY: Where am I?
FRIDGE: You're crushing me! Get off! Get...
FRIDGE: What the hell? What happened to the rest of me? What is this? What is this on my back? What is this?
SPENCER: Oh, my God. Fridge?
FRIDGE: Yeah, I'm Fridge. Who are you?
SPENCER: I'm Spencer.
FRIDGE: What? The hell you are. What is going on? Huh?
SPENCER: I think... we're in the game.
FRIDGE: Sorry, excuse me?
MARTHA: What are you talking about?
SPENCER: Somehow, I don't know how... I think we got, like, sucked into the game. And we've become the avatars that we chose.
So it's me, Spencer, but yet I look and sound like Dr. Smolder Bravestone.
FRIDGE: You're telling me that you're Spencer?
SPENCER: Yes, yes, yes. That's it. Fridge, I'm Spencer. Which means you're Moose Finbar. It says it right there on your vest. And... Martha?
SPENCER: You're Ruby Roundhouse. And, Bethany, you're Professor Shelly Oberon. Only Shelly must be short for Sheldon.
What are you talking about?
MARTHA: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, he's right.
BETHANY: And you... you're Spencer? You?
SPENCER: Yes. Guys, I'm telling you. I am Spencer. I'm... [BIRD CALLS] Aah!
FRIDGE: Yep, that's Spencer.
SPENCER: Whoa. Whoa!
BETHANY: So that means I... I'm...
FRIDGE: Wait, Bethany. Bethany, don't!
BETHANY: [GASPS] No! I'm an overweight, middle-aged man.

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