2 - Jumanji 2: Strengths and Weaknesses Scene | ESL Video

2 - Jumanji 2: Strengths and Weaknesses Scene

Quiz by: rmd    

Description: The team discovers their strengths and weaknesses.
Low Intermediate
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1. Can Spencer (the big bald guy) read the map?
2. Bethany (the guy with the beard) can see the map because __________________ is one of her strengths.
3. What are Spencer's weaknesses?
4. What is one of Martha's strengths?
5. What are two of Fridge's weaknesses?
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) - Strengths and Weaknesses Scene

MARTHA: That must be what we're looking for, the missing piece of the map.
SPENCER: The problem is, there's nothing here.
BETHANY: What do you mean? It's a map, just like he said. It's a map of Jumanji.
MARTHA: Cartography.
BETHANY: What's that?
MARTHA: The study of maps. It was one of Professor Oberon's skills.
SPENCER: Yes. That's right.
BETHANY: Oh, so you can't see this, but I can?
SPENCER: The characters we chose, we all have certain skills. So there's gotta be a way to access
our... - [GAME CHIMES] - [GASPS]
FRIDGE: What'd you just do?
SPENCER: "Strengths: Fearless. Climbing. Speed. Boomerang. Smoldering intensity."
FRIDGE: What the hell are you doing?
SPENCER: What just happened?
BETHANY: Um, you just smoldered.
SPENCER: "Weakness. None"?
MARTHA: Uh, how'd you do that? That, uh, that list?
SPENCER: Well, I just... I think I just pressed my enormous left pec.
FRIDGE: Yeah, it's like the boob area. Let me show you.
MARTHA: Get the hell away from me.
FRIDGE: At least press it in front of us so we know exactly how... [GAME CHIMES]
MARTHA: "Strengths: Karate. T'ai chi. Aikido. Dance fighting"? Dance fighting? Is that even a thing?
"Weakness: Venom."
BETHANY: Seriously? "Paleontology." What does that even mean?
MARTHA: Um, study of fossils, I think. That's kind of cool.
BETHANY: Says the gorgeous karate badass to the old fossil guy who doesn't have any endurance.
FRIDGE: I hate this game.
MARTHA: "Weakness: Cake."
FRIDGE: Yes, cake is my weakness. Along with speed and strength. Huh... Strength is my weakness.
Hey, can I...? Quick question. How is strength my weakness?
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