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3 - Jumanji 2: Motorcycle Assault Scene

Quiz by: rmd    

Description: Spencer and Martha show their stuff against a motorcycle gang of henchmen.
Low Intermediate
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1. What level are they on?
2. What question does Fridge ask when they are running away from the bad guys?
3.) Why does Spencer (the big bald guy) want to look inside Fridge's backpack?
4. Does Fridge want to ride on Spencer's back?
5. Who really does not want to jump off the cliff?
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) - Motorcycle Assault Scene

BETHANY: It says, "The Mighty Roar."
FRIDGE: I don't like that. I'm done.
SPENCER: What else?
BETHANY: Okay. And right here, it says "From The Deep."
SPENCER: The hippo came from the deep. The one that...
BETHANY: Yes, the thing that did the thing. That's it. Moving on.
SPENCER: So if "From The Deep" is the first level, then "The Mighty Roar" must be the second level. Which way?
BETHANY: Okay. If that is that... and that is here... Right here, I think.
FRIDGE: What is this game?
SPENCER: Run! Wait!
FRIDGE: Come on, legs! Why am I running so slow?
MARTHA: Come on!
SPENCER: Those guys have huge guns.
FRIDGE: Oh, really? Is that what those are, Spencer?
SPENCER: Let me see your backpack.
FRIDGE: For what?
SPENCER: Inside your backpack, you have my weapons. Get down.
FRIDGE: Got your weapons? I can't feel no... What's this?
SPENCER: Oh, yes. Boomerang, it's one of my strengths.
FRIDGE: What are you gonna do with it?
SPENCER: I don't know. Kill them, I guess.
FRIDGE: You're gonna kill them with that?
SPENCER: You got a better idea? Watch this.[BOOMERANG WHOOSHING]
FRIDGE: Nice work. Want me to see if I got a hacky sack... for you to throw and do absolutely nothing with?
FRIDGE: It worked.
SPENCER: Here they come. We gotta go.
FRIDGE: I can't outrun those guys.
SPENCER: We gotta go now! Get on my back.
FRIDGE: I would rather die.
SPENCER: Jump on my back!
FRIDGE: Nope. I'll die. Put me down! Spencer! Put me down! Ahhh!
BETHANY: You have got to be kidding me.
FRIDGE: Oh, no, no, no!
MARTHA: We have to jump!
BETHANY: Are you out of your mind?
SPENCER: I would rather do anything else now but that.
BETHANY: Martha!
FRIDGE: We gotta jump!
SPENCER: We don't know how deep that water is.
FRIDGE: We gotta go!
SPENCER: No, no!
FRIDGE: Spencer, You're gonna jump. Jump!
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