6 - Jumanji 2: Helicopter Rhino Chase Scene | ESL Video

6 - Jumanji 2: Helicopter Rhino Chase Scene

Quiz by: rmd    

Description: Alex desperately tries to save the group from a rhino stampede.
Low Intermediate
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1. Alex (the pilot) ______________.
2. What's wrong with the helicopter?
3. The albino rhinos _____________.
4. Fridge (the short guy) says he ________________.
5. What does Spencer need to do?
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) - Helicopter Rhino Chase Scene

MARTHA: Alex. If I can fight those guys, you can fly this helicopter. I know you can. Come on. Alex. This is where we need you.
BETHANY: Remember, you're the missing piece.
ALEX: Seaplane McDonough reporting for duty. Let's go, people.
FRIDGE: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
BETHANY: What's wrong?
ALEX: Something's broken! - What?
MARTHA: What do you mean?
ALEX: Hang on!
FRIDGE: Oh, my God, we're about to die! We're about to die!
MARTHA: Oh, my God!
ALEX: It won't go up!
FRIDGE: What do you mean?
ALEX: The collective is busted.
ALEX: It controls the plate up there, which tilts the rotors and controls the pitch. It's how we go up and down.
BETHANY: You guys?
MARTHA: That can't be good.
FRIDGE: It's no way that's good news.
FRIDGE: Albino rhinos! They're indigenous to Jumanji. They're huge, white, scary, and stupid, - and they eat people.
SPENCER: They're getting close!
FRIDGE: My stomach's starting to bother me a bit.
MARTHA: Go up!
ALEX: I can't go up!
FRIDGE: I think I had too many margaritas.
BETHANY: You guys, what are we gonna do?
SPENCER: I'm gonna fix the helicopter.
SPENCER: Tell me what to do.
ALEX: You gotta connect the flight-control rod to the mesh plate under the rotors.
SPENCER: Flight-control rod, mesh plate, under the rotors.
MARTHA: Wait, what?
SPENCER: I'll be right back.
MARTHA: Spencer, where are you going?
FRIDGE: Hurry up.
MARTHA: Be careful!
FRIDGE: No, no, just hurry up!
SPENCER: All right, just gonna stand on this thingy, pull myself up towards these deadly helicopter blades. Okay. There's the mesh plate. Here's that rod thingy.
MARTHA: Spencer! Come on, fix it!
ALEX: Running out of time here, Spencer!
SPENCER: Got it!
BETHANY: We made it! You did it! I thought we were gonna die.
ALEX: Nice!
SPENCER: Thank you.
MARTHA: That was scary!
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