7 - Jumanji 2: Run, Fridge, Run Scene | ESL Video

7 - Jumanji 2: Run, Fridge, Run Scene

Quiz by: rmd    

Description: Spencer throws Fridge out of the helicopter for the magic stone.
Low Intermediate
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1. What happened to the jewel?
2. Do they need the jewel?
3. Does Fridge think that Spencer is going to get the jewel?
4. Spencer tells the pilot to rotate the helicopter ____________.
5. Why does Fridge call Spenser a jackass?
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) - Run, Fridge, Run Scene

FRIDGE: Whoops.
FRIDGE: I dropped the jewel.
ALL: What?
BETHANY: You dropped the jewel?
FRIDGE: I leaned over, thought I had to puke, and I didn't. It came out of my backpack.
BETHANY: We need the freaking jewel!
FRIDGE: I know. That's-that's-that's the crazy part 'cause I know we need it. So we're in a pickle.
We're in a pickle.
SPENCER: Alex, turn around. We gotta go back and get it.
FRIDGE: Yeah, let's just loop around. Just look for it. Everybody open your eyes. Let's all just look
for it as a group.
BETHANY: There! I see it!
MARTHA: What are they doing?
SPENCER: It's like they're protecting it or something.
ALEX: Alright, how are we gonna do this?
SPENCER: I don't know.
FRIDGE: Well, you gotta go get it, right, buddy? [RHINOS BELLOWING] What do you need? Your
boomerang? Maybe some scissors? A pipe wrench? Some shoelaces? I'm your valet. Whatever you
need, I can get it for you. Okay? You just say the word. - What?
SPENCER: I'm sorry, buddy.
FRIDGE: Sorry for what? [SCREAMING] Ow! No! Ahhh!
SPENCER: Turn us around.
FRIDGE: No! Heel! Heel! Stop! Oh, my God!
SPENCER: Alex, get ready to roll us - to the side.
ALEX: What?
SPENCER: When I tell you, roll 90 degrees to the right. Now!
FRIDGE: You pushed me out the helicopter, jackass!
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