8 - Jumanji 2: CPR Excitement Scene

Quiz by: rmd
Description: Bethany gives Alex CPR to keep him alive.
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) - CPR Excitement Scene

ALEX: Guys, I've been trying to get across this canyon for, like, 20 years, okay? Do you realize how huge this is? [BUG BUZZING] Mosquito.
BETHANY: No, no, no! Alex, no, no, no!
BETHANY: Alex, no, no.
BETHANY: Alex, talk to me. Wake up. Here we go.
MARTHA: He's dying.
BETHANY: No, we can't let him die. We're too close! Does anyone know how to do CPR?
SPENCER: Yeah, start with three chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth.
BETHANY: One, two, three. How do I do this?
SPENCER: Okay, pinch his nose, open his mouth, - full lip-lock.
SPENCER: Ah, one breath, two breaths, then repeat.
BETHANY: Come on, Alex.
MARTHA: Bethany, stop. Your tattoo. It looks like you're giving him one of your lives.
BETHANY: I'm okay with that.
MARTHA: What if you need it for yourself?
BETHANY: I want Alex to come home too.
ALEX: [GASPING, COUGHING] Oh! - [GASPS] What happened?
MARTHA: Alex, Bethany gave you one of her lives.
SPENCER: Bethany, you okay?
BETHANY: I think so.
ALEX: Bethany, is that true? You gave me one of your lives?
BETHANY: I mean, yeah, of course.
ALEX: Thank you.
BETHANY: What? What are you looking at?
FRIDGE: You got a situation.
BETHANY: [GASPS] Oh, my God, these things are crazy.
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