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9 - Jumanji 2: I'm Into You Scene

Quiz by: rmd    

Description: Spencer and Martha confess their feelings for each other.
Low Intermediate
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1. Why does Spencer want to tell Martha that he likes her now?
2. For how long has Spencer liked Martha?
3. Does Martha usually talk about her feelings?
4. Why does Martha like Spencer?
5. Had either of them kissed before?
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) - I'm Into You Scene

MARTHA: What are you doing?
SPENCER: I, uh, I was just filling these up.
SPENCER: Yeah. I'm glad you're here. I, uh, ahem... - I have something to tell you.
SPENCER: And I wanna tell you now, just in case the next time that we talk I'm no longer brave. I like you, Martha. I, like, like you. [LAUGHS] Like, I'm fully into you.
MARTHA: You are?
SPENCER: I am. And I have been since, like, the seventh grade.
MARTHA: Really? Wowza. I don't think this has ever happened before.
SPENCER: What do you mean?
MARTHA: Oh, What I mean is, uh, I don't think anyone's ever liked me that I... I can't believe I'm doing this. I never tell anyone how I fe... I'm into you too, Spencer.
SPENCER: You are?
MARTHA: Yes. Yes! Heh, heh! God, you're smart and sweet and cute. Yeah, I'm pretty into you. [GIGGLES]
SPENCER: Wait. Are you sure it's not because of, like, all of...?
MARTHA: What? Oh, my God, no, no. That is not my type. I'm into nerds.
SPENCER: Really? I'm a nerd.
SPENCER: That was... I was so awful.
MARTHA: I've never. Like, I've never kissed anyone.
SPENCER: You've never...?
MARTHA: Never. That was the first time.
SPENCER: I have never.
MARTHA: Oh, you haven't?
MARTHA: Okay. Cool.
SPENCER: You can't tell, right?
FRIDGE: Come on. Hey! I don't wanna see that. I don't, not today. While you're down here professing your love for one another, I found the Jaguar. Let's go. God! Ugh!
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