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Blended - first date scene

Quiz by: rmd    

Description: Video activity to kick off our discussion about first impressions.
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1. Do the man (Jim) and woman (Lauren) know each other?
2. What's your first impression of Jim?
3. What does Lauren do for a living?
4. Do Jim and Lauren date often?
5. What happened to Jim's wife?
6. What happened to Lauren's husband?
7. Jim says he has to leave immediately because there's an avalanche in his backyard. Do you think that's true?
First Date Scene

Jim, Lauren, TV, Bubbles, Bunny, Bethany

JIM: Got you, uh, Buffalo shrimp with the sauce on the side. They'll do that for me here. I didn't know how you took it so...
LAUREN: You realize that you're not actually looking at my face right now.
JIM: Very tight game going on there. I don't wanna miss it.
TV: You gotta really swing the ax hard to get those, uh, hits in deep.
BUNNY: Hey, Jim.
BETHANY: Hey, Jim.
BUBBLES: Cheese sticks in the shape of a heart. From me, Bunny, Bethany and Britney.
BUBBLES: Thank you, Bubbles. That's very nice.
BETHANY: Have fun.
BUNNY: See ya.
JIM: All right.
LAUREN: Hey, I noticed that you made eye contact with Boobles, but I'm not sure it was her eyes you were looking at.
JIM: So you organize closets for a living.
JIM: Is it hard to find people who can't organize their own closets? How does that work?
LAUREN: Well, it's not that they can't do it for themselves. It's that they don't have the time, or they don't do it efficiently.
JIM: Did you start with organizing glove compartments and just work your way up from there or...?
Listen, I'm sorry. I know this is not going well. I, I haven't been on a date in 20 years.
LAUREN: I haven't been on a date since senior year.
JIM: You get married in college?
JIM: Me too.
LAUREN: Really?
JIM: Yes. Is this not the weirdest feeling in the world right now?
LAUREN: Like Weird Al starring in Weird Science.
JIM: Yes. I like that. You just came up with that?
JIM: Very good.
LAUREN: You know, I think I will have one of these Buffalo shrimp. And I'll have it with the sauce.
JIM: Excellent.
LAUREN: Oh, my God. Oh!
JIM: It's hot.
LAUREN: Oh, my God. Who makes sauce this hot? I just... Did you drink my beer?
JIM: No. No, no. I think you did.
LAUREN: Boobies! Buddy! Britney! Can you get me some water?
JIM: Here. Have some French onion soup.
LAUREN: You know, I'm curious. With so many possible reasons, which one's the one your wife left you for?
JIM: Cancer.
LAUREN: I'm sorry. I naturally just assumed you were divorced.
JIM: It's okay. I naturally assumed your husband shot himself. So we're even.
(phone rings) I gotta take this.
(into the phone) Hello. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm down! An avalanche in our backyard? I'll be home right away.
(to Lauren) It's an emergency. I'm sorry.
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