What's your name?

Quiz by: rmd
Description: Personal information questions quiz and speaking activity.
This is Kelly. She lives in Los Angeles, California. Her last name is Farmer, spelled F a r m e r.

This is Christina. She lives in Austin, Texas. Her telephone number is (512) 281-4695.

This is Ed. He works at a bank. His middle name is Wesley, spelled W e s l e y.

This is Sasha. She lives in Moscow, Russia. She's a waitress.

This is Morgan. Morgan is 4 years old. He likes dinosaurs. Morgan’s last name is Wade, spelled W a d e.

This is Riley. He's a college student. His address is 7421 Bath Street, Santa Barbara, California.

This is Tom Pumford. He's a photographer. His telephone number is 415 810 3128.

This Alejandro Juarez. He's from Mexico. He has twelve grand-children.

This is Harry. He lives in England. His last name is Cunningham, spelled C u n n i n g h a m.

This is Maxwell, or Max. He lives in Oceanside, California. His middle name is Benjamin. His last name is Fox.
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Complete the sentences using the words below.
is       have       Cunningham       lives       has       Where       3128       Is       7421       is       Wade       likes       work       does       Wesley       works       4695       in       Farmer       lives