Amy's TikTok story - part 1 | ESL Video

Amy's TikTok story - part 1

Quiz by: rmd    

Description: Katie shares a suspenseful uberring experience.
High Intermediate

1. Where did Katie and her friends go?
2. How many of them were there in total?
3. Why did they take an Uber?
4. What time did they leave to go home?
5. Was everything OK with the Uber to begin with?
6. Why was Katie terrified?
7. Was Katie in touch with her parents?
Storytime! So yesterday my friends and I all went to
the fair and there were six of us in total. And none
of us wanted to have to worry about driving there
and parking so we just ubered instead.

So we left the fair around 11:15 and we walked to a
nearby shopping center where the Uber picked us
up about ten minutes late. We ended up leaving at

We get in the Uber, then man says, "Hello," and we
head home the normal way. Everything is fine. And
my parents don't like when I Uber so they were
tracking me on Life 360 from the moment I got in
the car.

After about ten minutes in, I get a text from my
mom and it said, "Where are you?"

I look up from my phone and I realize I have no idea
where are and Ubers know their directions, know
how to take you home... We were twenty minutes
out of the way.

So I'm terrified, my mom is texting me non-stop,
literally about to call the police.

I'm going to run out of time but posting part two
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