What are you doing this weekend? | ESL Video

What are you doing this weekend?

Quiz by: AlexanderM    

Description: People talk about their weekend plans.
Low Intermediate
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1. What is Joe planning to do this evening ?
2. What is Martin doing this evening?
3. What is San going to do this weekend?
4. Where is Martin going this weekend?
5. What are Stephan's plans next month?
6. What is San doing next Monday?
What are you planning to do this evening?
This evening I'm planning to go to dinner with friends and maybe some drinks.
I think I'll stay home and have my dinner.

So what are you going to do this weekend?
I am going to go to the park and maybe see a movie and hang out with my friends.
I'm going to an opera.
That's interesting. And will you be going with anyone?
Uh, with a colleague in the office and her husband.

Next month do you have any big plans coming up?
Um I don't have major plans coming up next month. I usually go week by week.
Next Monday I will probably be in the office working. Um after work I'll probably go out and have
something to eat and go to dinner and come home and watch TV.
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