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73 questions with Gisele

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Description: In this video, students should look for specific information about Gisele Bundchen, the famous Brazilian top model, as she shows her house and answers 73 questions for Vogue.
High Intermediate
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What is she doing when the interviewer arrives at her house?
How does she describe herself to people who don’t know her?
How long has she lived in Boston?
How would she describe Brazilians to Americans?
How would she describe Americans to Brazilians?
What is a difficult word in English for her to pronounce?
What was the most incredible location she has shot at?
What is she drinking?
What is one thing about Tom Brady that people don’t know?
What is the biggest lesson modeling has taught her?
Do you think she is proud of being Brazilian?
- [Interviewer] Gisele!
- Oh, hi! - Hi, I'm stopping by
for a 73 question interview.
- Yeah, sure!
- [Interviewer] I cannot wait and first of all,
I must ask, what are you doing right now?
- I am signing some pages for my book.
- [Interviewer] That's a lot of signing
and what's your book about?
- It's about some lessons I've learned from my life.
- [Interviewer] What's the most difficult
thing about writing a book?
- I'm finding, everything. [laughs]
- [Interviewer] And in this beautiful space that you have,
is this where you draw your inspiration when you're writing?
- This is my sanctuary where I spend most of my time.
- [Interviewer] Well, your sanctuary's gorgeous.
- Thank you. - By the way,
is it true you gave a copy of "The Mastery of Love"
to all of your wedding guests at your wedding?
- Yes, I have. It's one of my favorite books.
- [Interviewer] And today, what is a book
that you would give friends and family?
- The last one I read is called "Infinite View."
Have you read it?
- [Interviewer] I have not read that, no.
- I have an extra copy. Would you like one?
- [Interviewer] Oh, wow, thank you. Yeah, sure,
I'd love it. - Yeah, here.
- [Interviewer] Alright, this is my summer reading.
And how would you describe yourself
to people who don't know you?
- Loving, creative, and my natural speed
is about 100 miles an hour.
- [Interviewer] What's something that people
would be surprised to know about you?
- I love ancient history.
- [Interviewer] How long have you lived in Boston for?
- 10 years.
- [Interviewer] So does it feel like home yet?
- Yes, because... that was a terrible kick.
- [Interviewer] I didn't notice. Don't worry.
- Home is where your heart is.
- [Interviewer] Now, what's something you can tell me
in the thickest Boston accent that you can do?
- Wicked awesome! [laughs]
- [Interviewer] Okay. And in one word,
how would you describe Brazilians to Americans?
- Friendly.
- [Interviewer] And Americans to Brazilians?
- Determined.
- [Interviewer] What should Americans try
when they are visiting Brazil?
- Definitely pão de queijo, caipirinha,
and coconut water, but from the real coconut.
- [Interviewer] Is there an English word
that you still struggle with today?
- "Worlds." Is that good?
- [Interviewer] I totally understood that.
And what's something in Portuguese that
I'll definitely struggle with if I tried?
- The rat gnawed the King of Rome's clothes,
and with rage, the queen gnawed the rest.
Got that?
- [Fails Miserably]
- Yeah?
- [Interviewer] Favorite movie?
- "The Bicycle Thief."
- [Interviewer] Last movie that made you cry?
- "Coco."
- [Interviewer] Favorite Disney character?
- Moana.
- [Interviewer] What's the most memorable
career moment that you've had so far?
- Being part of the opening ceremony in the Rio Olympics.
- [Interviewer] How many shows
have you walked in your career?
- Around 500.
- [Interviewer] Wow and how many covers have you been on?
- Between a thousand-a thousand... two thousand,
but that's worldwide.
- [Interviewer] So many. And what's the most
incredible location that you've shot at?
- Iguazu Falls, in Brazil.
- [Interviewer] What's the most challenging
shoot that you've ever had?
- When I was in Iceland, shooting in the middle
of real icebergs, but I was on top of a fake iceberg
going like that in a slip dress.
Thank God I didn't fall.
- [Interviewer] And what's your vice?
- Organizing.
- [Interviewer] What is your biggest pet peeve in the world?
- I can't stand messy places.
- [Interviewer] What is the one word that you live by?
- Appreciation.
- [Interviewer] Do you have any pre-game
rituals before Pats games?
- Yes, I have a champions playlist.
- [Interviewer] Now, if you had a superpower,
what would it be?
- The power of teleportation.
- [Interviewer] Do you collect anything?
- Crystals.
- [Interviewer] What's your go-to karaoke song?
♪ "You can count on me." ♪
- [Interviewer] I love that song.
- Yeah, I do too. - Bruno Mars.
- Yes, I love Bruno Mars.
- [Interviewer] What is your hidden talent, Gisele?
- I fly helicopters.
- [Interviewer] No idea that you did that.
- Please, come in.
- [Interviewer] Thank you. And what's
one talent that you wish you had?
- To shake my hips like Shakira.
- [Interviewer] Okay.
- But I'm working on that.
- [Interviewer] Okay. And what's
the coolest thing that you've ever done in your life?
- Skydiving.
- [Interviewer] What's the last country you visited?
- Qatar.
- [Interviewer] Country you wish to visit?
- India.
- [Interviewer] What was it like to grow up
in a family of six girls?
- It was wonderful. You know,
you learn how to share and how to...
- What was that? - Oi, baby!
- [Interviewer] Oh.
- Oi, Vivi! You learn how to share and to negotiate.
- [Interviewer] And what was the best...
- Oi, baby girl!
- [Interviewer] Oh, awww! Amazing! What a cameo!
Okay, what's the best part about being a mom?
- The love, look at--
- [Interviewer] Awww.
- The love you receive and the love you feel.
- [Interviewer] And what's the hardest thing
about being a mom?
- Sleep deprivation.
- [Interviewer] It looks like she doesn't
want to let go of you.
What's your favorite food?
- Good pizza.
- [Interviewer] And what is your least favorite...
- I like cheese pizza!
- What? My least favorite food? Anything too spicy.
- [Interviewer] Now, what did you eat for breakfast?
- Green juice.
- [Interviewer] What's your favorite drink?
- Margarita.
- [Interviewer] Favorite dessert?
- Anything chocolate.
- [Interviewer] Now is it true that you're...
- Oops! Sorry, baby girl.
- She's adorable. - I know.
- She likes juicy bones!
- What?
- She likes juicy bones? - What? You had too much...
Sorry. - Okay,
how would you describe your... - Would you like a maté?
- [Interviewer] Yeah, thank you.
How would you describe your personal style?
- Comfy.
- [Interviewer] And what's your favorite
fashion trend of all time?
[speaks in Portuguese]
- Thank you. - The what? Sorry.
- [Interviewer] Oh, what's your favorite
fashion trend of all time?
- Skinny jeans.
- What's your must-have beauty product?
- Coconut oil. It's like-you can do-it's multi-use.
- [Interviewer] What's a tip that works every time?
- Drink lots of water.
- [Interviewer] What's the best beauty advice
that you've ever received?
- Less is more.
- [Interviewer] How do you define beauty?
- Beauty is something that comes from the inside.
It's just an energy that someone emanates.
- [Interviewer] Nice.
- [Tom] Hey lovey!
- [Gisele] Oh. My hubby's out there.
- [Interviewer] Is that Mr. Tom Brady in the backyard?
- Do you wanna say "Hi?"
- [Interviewer] Yeah, can I say hi to Tom Brady?
- Yeah, sure.
- [Interviewer] What's one thing people
don't know about Tom Brady?
- He doesn't like being barefoot.
Hi, lovey.
- [Interviewer] Hey, Tom!
- Daddy! - And you, too.
- [Gisele] Oi my girl!
- Daddy!
- [Interviewer] Alright, where are you guys
going on vacation?
- Costa Rica. - Montana.
- [Interviewer] Oh.
- Can we talk about that later?
- Yeah, of course.
- [Interviewer] You gotta sort that out.
- [Gisele] Te amo.
- [Tom] Bye. - Bye.
- Good seeing you, Tom Brady. - See you later.
- [Interviewer] Alright.
What's something that you'd be proud to say you taught him?
- To recycle.
- [Interviewer] What's something that he taught you?
- How to say "No."
- [Vivian] Ciao mommy!
- Ciao, mi amor!
- Your daughter is amazing! - But not to him, right?
- [Interviewer] Yeah, right, right, right.
What's an emoji that best encapsulates who he is?
- The one with the sunglasses. Cool and collected, you know.
- [Interviewer] What's the most romantic thing
that Tom's ever done for you?
- When he proposed to me, he made up this whole story how
my apartment was flooding and I ran over there
to try to fix the situation.
- No. - When I got there,
the whole apartment had candles and rose petals everywhere.
- [Interviewer] Aww!
- And then, he went down on his knees to propose,
and I'm like "Get up!" 'Cause he just had surgery
and had three staph infections
and I'm like "What are you doing?"
He's like "I gotta go on my knees."
I'm like "No, no, no! Get up! Please!"
So... and here we are.
- [Interviewer] Aww, that's amazing.
"Here we are." It's been nine years you've been married.
- Yes.
- [Interviewer] Any marriage advice that you can offer?
- Keep it open, and loving communication.
- [Interviewer] Now, if you could offer a piece
of advice to yourself at age 15, what would it be?
- Let it go. Let it go!
- [Interviewer] There you go. And what advice
do you have for young models today?
- Believe in yourself, but be ready
for a fair amount of rejection.
- [Interviewer] Now, if you had another career,
what would you be doing with your time?
- Interior decorating, architect, or maybe a farmer?
- [Interviewer] I could see you as a farmer.
- Yeah, me too.
- [Interviewer] What's the biggest lesson
that modeling has taught you?
- To never compare yourself to anyone. We are all unique.
- [Interviewer] Now have you ever found
yourself doing that, though?
- No.
- [Interviewer] What's the most important
life lesson for someone to learn?
- Always treat others the way you like to be treated.
- [Interviewer] Now, as a UN Global Environment
Goodwill Ambassador, what's your latest project?
- To beat plastic pollution.
- [Interviewer] And what would you like
to be remembered for, Gisele?
- Someone who had a positive impact in the world.
- [Interviewer] And why does that matter to you?
- Because it matters to me
to leave something positive behind.
- [Interviewer] Now, to end this interview,
I was wondering if you could take this guitar
that I see right next to you.
- Sure.
- [Interviewer] And sing me a song as I see my way out.
- Alright, so let's do this. - Alright,
Let's do it, Gisele.
- ♪ Good bye. Good bye. ♪
♪ Thank you for stopping by. ♪
- [Interviewer] ♪ Good bye ♪
- ♪ Good bye ♪
- [Interviewer] ♪ Good bye ♪
- ♪ Thank you ♪
♪ for stopping by! ♪
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