Watch your step!

Quiz by: rmd
Description: Australian Commuter Saved When Leg Gets Stuck Between Train and Platform
The astonishing image, at the height of rush hour, an
Australian commuter trapped. Look at this, his legs stuck in
that gap just inches wide. That train about to take off. It is a
true nightmare for those of us who ride the subway or a
train, and ABC’s Dan Harris tonight with what happened

It starts as a typical morning tableau, commuters filing into
a train just before 9 AM. But then, right there, a man
somehow gets his foot stuck. His left leg slipping into the
several-inch wide gap between the train and the platform.
The train is about to pull out, but the last passenger behind
the guy who got stuck calls for help.

The train just didn’t go and then someone yelled out saying
that a guy’s leg was caught in the door. Worried commuters
gather around to help.

The first tactic? Getting everybody inside the train to
jump to the other side of the car hoping to sway it away
from the platform. But that doesn't work at which point they
realize there is only one solution here, elbow grease. “And

About 50 passengers lined up along side the train
and pushed. Everybody together. Men, women, children
pushed the train back to help someone who’s in a bit of
trouble and could really have been at risk of serious injury.
And ten minutes later? Rescue accomplished.

It was a good result. Everyone put in together and got him
out. The rescued man walks away and even catches the
next train, perhaps more mindful now of the age-old maxim,
“Watch the gap.”

Dan Harris, ABC News, New York.
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